STANDARD SCAM: Profit More review

Profit More official webRead this review to see that Profit More is an investment scam that is going to collapse and lose money.

Profit Much More Ltd. that is behind Profit More is a company based in the UK. Its activities allegedly are cryptocurrency trading, Forex trading a Bitcoin mining, among others.

Profit More has two investment plans, one with 60% net after 20 days and one with 15% after 7 days.

So, is Profit More a legitimate investment opportunity?

Profit More scam

Investment plans are fakeProfit More is not a legitimated investment opportunity. The offer is 90% per month, which is a scam number, no legitimate business can do that in the long term.

With the referral program they offer it means almost doubling your money every month, which is not possible, not even in the cryptocurrency world.

Illegal activity

No FCA licenseProfit Much More certainly is not a company that does crypto and Forex trading and Bitcoin mining. Yes, it has a tax registration in the UK, but it is only a few months old and it means nothing.

Profit More is about investing money, so a license from the Financial Conduct Authority is needed here. But the company is not registered with the FCA, which means that it is operating illegally, it is providing illegal investment services.

Check our picture to see the proof.

How it works

Profit More is just a Ponzi scheme. It means that money is collected from the public and some profits will be paid using these deposits that people made. But as with every Ponzi scheme withdrawals will one day exceed deposits, which means a collapse.

If Profit More is still paying, it will stop sooner or later. It is not a matter of if, but when.


Profit More is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is going to fail and take all the money that’s in the system. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Also, understand that risks are associated with financial trading, you can make, but also lose money.

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