STANDARD SCAM: RobotBitcoin review webIn this review we explain why you should avoid Robot Bitcoin in order not to lose money. offers a robot for trading. The name suggests it trades cryptocurrencies, however on the picture you can see that it trades binary options on classic Forex pairs, so who knows.

The important thing is that RobotBitcoin is supposed to be the solution for automated trading for everyone, which presumes that it is a profitable app. Is it?

RobotBitcoin scam

These scams are all the sameIn the investment scam industry there are thousands of scams and a lot of them share only a few trading platforms, meaning that one platform is often used by dozens of scams, only logos change.

And this is precisely the case of RobotBitcoin, it uses a trading platform that we have seen many times in action, but always with investment scams.

As you can see on our picture, it is being also used for example by Crypto Forex and Rain Cloud Coin.

This software has one very dirty feature that is not always switched on, but when it is, it can fool a lot of people. This feature is a demo mode that fakes results and generates fake profits. This makes a lot of people think that it is profitable.

But in real trading this robot is losing money, a lot of real users confirmed this fact to us.

How it really works

The hidden and only purpose of Robot Bitcoin is to make you deposit money with a selected broker that is not regulated. The reason is that people who run the robot are paid by that broker for referring new victims that will lose their money.

This is why they will tell you that the robot can be activated for real trading only after you deposit with a certain broker, you will have no choice. If you do it, you will never see your money again.


RobotBitcoin is a program based on a platform that is associated with a lot of scams, stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker to see how everything works.

You have to build your own profitable strategy on the demo before you can start trading with real money.

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