Stay away from Auto Binary Robot

Auto Binary Robot MartingaleIn this short review we are going to have a look at „Auto Binary Robot“, which is a robot for trading binary options.

The most dangerous thing about Auto Binary Robot is the fact that it uses Martingale for trading, which basically means more than doubling the investment after every loss until you get a win. Martingale is very dangerous and it can wipe out your trading account in a few minutes!

The Auto Binary Robot web site claims that the robot never lost more than 4 trades in a row since 2013. This is something we do not believe, four losses in a row is a thing that can happen and do happen in binary options trading.

Just open any price chart and you’ll see that it is very easy to find 4 and more candles in a row going into the same direction. And 4 losing trades in a row is enough to put you out of this game if you start with the recommended deposit of $500! Because you would not have enough to take the 5th trade based on Martingale rules.

brokersSo this is the main reason why to stay away from Auto Binary Robot, sooner or later you would lose your account.

But there is more, the Auto Binary Robot web site says that it works with regulated brokers only, but half of the brokers they allow you to use are unregulated, namely Options XO and Porter Finance. And it is very risky to trade with unregulated brokers, especially Porter Finance is illegally accepting US Traders.

So that’s it, two important reasons not to trade with Auto Binary Robot if you don’t want to lose money.

Our general recommendation is not to rely on some anonymous third party software for trading binary options. The safest way is to use a free demo account to learn trading and build a profitable strategy to make money.

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