Stay away from AutoGain – review

AutogainWe had a quick look at a binary robot called “AutoGain” and our recommendation is not to trade with it.

The AutoGain system is a binary option robot that is supposed to copy trades of best traders on your account. So essentially you don’t have much to do and it should make you money.

But we have every reason to believe that Autogain is a scam.


TestimonialsLook at the picture, alleged testimonials presented by Autogain are totally fake. The first photo is stolen from a russian guy, the second one is Louise Glover.

They don’t have anything in common with the Autogain system.


risk-disclaimerThe other very suspicious thing is the alleged win rate of Autogain. At one place you can read that it is no less than 70 %, another place of their web site mentions 60 %.

So where is the truth? We believe that around 50 %, which means losses in the longterm. We have no reason to believe that there are good traders behind this software.

Deposit law

autogain-softwareAs with every other binary options scam out there you first have to deposit money with Autogain. They won’t let you try the system on a demo.

You will have to deposit and immediately trade with your money, which is very dangerous. If you do it, it is extremely probable that you will lose it.

The truth

People from Autogain are obviously affiliated with a broker, so they will get paid for every new depositor they can send to their partner. This is the only reason for the existence of Autogain, it is not a profitable trading software.


We recommend staying away from Autogain, it is a scam and a very suspicious trading app that forces you to risk your own money since the beginning.

If you want to try binary options risk free, do it on a demo account. There you will understand how trading works and what you have to learn to succeed and make money.

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