STAY AWAY from Bitcoin Bridges and CryptoCoinFN – review

The Bitcoin Bridges websiteThis review explains why you should not invest money with Bitcoin Bridges and CryptoCoinFN.

The website of Bitcoin Bridges is very small. It just says that Bitcoin Bridges will allow you to trade winning strategies with an award-winning broker. This should get you daily “high profits”.

So, what is Bitcoin Bridges really about?

Stay away

CryptoCoinFN is lyingWe registered with Bitcoin Bridges and what a surprise, we were immediately redirected to the trading platform of CryptoCoinFN. No explanation, no strategies, just the trading platform.

And of course with a real account, so if you want to trade, you have to deposit first. This is the first major problem.

Now, is CryptoCoinFN really an award-winning broker? No, we didn’t find any award for this broker. And it doesn’t have 270 trading instruments as Bitcoin Bridges claims.

And CryptoCoinFN is lying, because its website says that the broker is a standard since 2015, but the broker is online since September 2017 only. So a lot of fishy things…

How it really works

Alleged profitsIt is obvious that the only purpose of Bitcoin Bridges is to make you deposit money with Crypto Coin FN. It’s just a marketing tool used to get new depositing customers for this broker.

It won’t make you any money, there are no profitable strategies or algorithms provided, you will be on your own risking your money since the first trade with a shady broker. And that is wrong. Don’t do it.

Deposits with CryptoCoinFN are made with Bitcoins only, so they are anonymous and irreversible.


Bitcoin Bridges is just a way to make you deposit with a shady broker called CryptoCoinFN. Stay away from it!

If you really want to try cryptocurrencies trading, do it with a regulated broker on a free demo account to be safe.

Winning strategies are not free, you will have to build your own.

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2 thoughts on “STAY AWAY from Bitcoin Bridges and CryptoCoinFN – review

  1. STAY AWAY!!! is a huge scam
    I invested 20k and they are refusing to approve my withdrawal request…
    Jason Drake is the account manager and his phone numbers have been changed numerous times etc…

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