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Icenter official webIn this review we explain why we cannot trust the investment program at

Icenter is supposed to be a project that is making money from over 20 different sources. However, we could not find what these sources are, but it seems that it is connected with cryptocurrency mining and trading.

In any case, the important thing is that Icenter offers an investment plan where you are supposed to get 1.2% daily returns, which means 36% per month. Is it real?


The investment package is unreal36% per month is a number that simply is way to high for any legit and sustainable business. You certainly cannot make this in crypto mining, because due to current crypto prices crypto mining is barely profitable nowadays.

Making 36% per month in trading on a large scale is pretty impossible too, due to current market conditions. Our experience says that 36% is possible only with Ponzi schemes.

If you don’t know what a Ponzi scheme is, it is an illegal financial game that pays out profits from new deposits. As you can imagine, such a system always fails in the end, it is only a question of time.

Illegal program

Anonymous companyThe fact is that Icenter is an illegal investment program in any case. Because it obviously is an investment program, since it is collecting money from the public and supposedly paying regular profits.

This kind of activity is regulated in almost all countries, which means that you have to be regulated to do it legally.

Bit Icenter is completely anonymous and unlicensed, which means that it cannot operate legally in most countries.


Icenter is not a legit investment program, we believe that it is a Ponzi scheme. Therefore, we recommend staying away.

It is possible to make money with cryptocurrencies, but it is not that easy. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You will see that you will need to build a profitable strategy in order to succeed.

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6 thoughts on “STAY AWAY from Icenter – review

  1. iCenter is a relaunch of the Telegram Ponzi bots that were a thing back in 2016/2017 (think Lara With Me, Business Bot Incubator, V-Tec, Alpha Cash etc.).

    These fraudulent businesses all wound up the same;

    either Telegram shut the bots down or;
    once they’d collapsed the owners did a runner and pretended Telegram shut their bots down to cover their escape.
    iCenter is no different and will ultimately follow the same fate.

    And if Telegram doesn’t step in first and shut the scam down, there are signs a collapse is imminent.

    iCenter launched with a bitcoin bot. When that started to run out of money they launched a litecoin bot.

    The litecoin bot paid out more, because you’re not going to encourage new investment with the same rate you’re already paying out.

    There is now talk among iCenter affiliates of a new bot coming out (possibly ethereum).

    These are effective relaunches of the same Ponzi scam, each offering a higher percentage payout to encourage new and existing investors to continue to invest and reinvest.

    Since January, 2018, Alexa traffic estimates for the iCenter website show a flat-line.

    This is typically recognized as the end of an online Ponzi scheme.

    After existing investors have been milked dry through the new bot, iCenter will run into the same problem of not having enough funds to pay its ROI liabilities.

    What’s particularly insidious about iCenter is its owners also use it as a platform to build downlines in third-party schemes.

    Suspect and outright fraudulent MLM businesses listed as “partners” on the iCenter website include iMarketsLive, SureBets, BitClub Network, Global Dynamic Marketing, USI-Tech, Laser Online, FutureNet, BitConnect and Crypto World Evolution.

    Whoever is running iCenter appears to be well-versed in fraud.

  2. I don’t know if iCenter is a scam or not, but your assessment is in error. The iCenter BTC program does not return 1.2% ROI per month. Rather, it *repays* investers at a rate of 1.2% per month, the difference being the repay includes both the principal AND interest which goes on for 120 days, at which time the investment is complete. 1.2% * 120 days = a total of 144%, which means the ROI is 44% over the course of 4 months, or about 11% ROI per month profit.

    I am looking for more information about iCenter, and a lack of accuracy compromises one’s criticisms. Thank you.

      1. Just read this piece, you are absolutely correct in your assesment that Icenter is a sttaight up multi level marketong ponzi scheme based off of ordinary Telegram scam bots.
        People are deluded by greed if they really think they can just transfer funds to an anonymous unaccountable Telegram bot and make 1.4% a day.

  3. Haters gonna Hate…

    Anyone that knows anything about cloud mining can understand how a 1.4 Percent daily return isn’t impossible. Do you know how expensive it is to run a mining operation? The important factor here is to understand that someone could spend 3,000$ on 6 Nvidia 1080 TI graphics cards,mining motherboard, RAM ,1600 watt power supply, riser cables, processor and manage their own 24 hour mining operation… or they give that 3,000 to iCenter.

    So, that 3,000$ is now around 37 litecoins. You will make 1.4 percent of 37 litecoins per day (0.51 LTC). Keep in mind, you can choose to re-invest or withdraw after accumulating a minimum of 0.1LTC. After the iCenter 99 days, you can withdraw or reinvest.

    The bottom line is, the way they can produce returns daily is because, after the 99 days, some people reinvest, and some people take their money out…but who still has the mining equipment? that’s right…iCenter does…so they can continue to mine from the scared skeptical people, thus being able to do bonuses all the time like the 48 hour 3 Percent marathon they recently had. Why keep yours in Coinbase when it could be increasing 1.4 Percent?

    1. Scammers gonna scam…

      I guess that if somebody believes they can make 42% per month doing nothing, they have to learn the hard way with Ponzi schemes like Icenter…

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