STAY AWAY from Market Master – review

Market Master websiteRead this review to understand that Market Master is a shady offer that can lose your money.

MarketMaster is not even a trading program, it is just a landing page that says that it is easy to make money in stock trading.

They want you to start trading financial markets with them. Should you?

Market Master scam

Scam cloneThe first thing we noticed is that the website of Market Master is a clone of the websites used by the Golden Profit and Cannabis Craze scams.

For us it is a sign that Market Master is a scam, because it obviously was created by the same people as the previous two programs.


DisclaimerOne thing you should certainly do is to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the Market Master website.

There you will clearly see that the information they provide about how easily you can make money is false.

How they take your money

Don't give them your moneyHere is how Market Master works. The only purpose of it is to make you deposit money with and affiliated and shady broker called 60OP. We hear a lot of complaints about 60OP, it is refusing withdrawals to its clients.

If you sign up for Market Master, they will create an account for you with 60OP even without asking. They will immediately redirect you to a deposit page of this broker.

If you send them your money, you will never see it again. That’s how these scams work.


Market Master want you to send money to a shady broker, that’s all it is about. Stay away from it!

If you want to try financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the testing account you can learn how everything works and decide whether you want to learn to trade profitably.

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