STAY AWAY from PingETH, review

Ping ETH official webIn this review you will learn why you have to avoid the cryptocurrency robot PingETH.

Ping ETH is a trading robot that will allegedly “give you the edge over 99% of conventional traders”. This suggests that the robot is profitable.

And the software is apparently free, so do you have anything to lose? Yes!

Beware of PingETH

Dangerous fileThe first major problem of PingETH is that it wants you to download a file and install the software. You should never ever install software from anonymous parties, especially when it concerns money!

Plus, a trading robot is essentially a software giving you investment advice, which is a regulated activity. But Ping ETH is not licensed, therefore it is an illegal app in most countries.

It allegedly is trading cryptocurrencies directly on exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrex or Binance. This is another reason not to install the software, because it would need access to your trading account, so it could maybe even steal your cryptos!

You have to realize that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and more or less anonymous, so if somebody manages to steal your cryptocurrencies, nobody will be able to help you to get them back.

So, you also have to keep you secret keys safe and never ever give them to a third party.

Really, this is what differentiate cryptos from other assets, you have to be extremely careful in order not to have your coins stolen.

This is the reason why you have to stay away from PingETH.


PingETH wants you to install a software into your computer, which is extremely dangerous and could make you lose your money and cryptocurrencies. Don’t do it!

If you want to trade with cryptocurrencies, use only regulated brokers to be sure that you are safe.

And forget about free robots making you money, they all are scams!

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