STAY AWAY from Profit Miner – review

Profit Miner official webIn this review we explain why Profit Miner should not be trusted by anybody.

Profit Miner is a project focused on bitcoin mining. It allegedly is using special algorithms and cloud mining to make mining more profitable.

Profit Miner is offering investment plans with up to 15% return on investment per month.

Is it a genuine opportunity to make money?

Beware of Profit Miner

We made a research about Profit Miner and we found several serious problems, let’ have a look at them.

Unrealistic numbers

Investment plansThe main problem of Profit Miner is that is offering up to 15% which is a number supposedly achieved in bitcoin mining. But this is not possible.

With the falling price of Bitcoin, mining has become barely profitable, depending on your electricity costs you could even be losing. See this article on CNBC.

Company aboutBitcoin mining cannot be enhanced by special algorithms, it is purely driven by hardware power. Moreover, Profit Miner is offering additional 12% through five levels in the referral program.

Add to this the fact that they wouldn’t be doing it for free, so the real return for them would have to be at least 30% per month. And this is totally impossible in Bitcoin mining nowadays.

Illegal investment service

Missing company infoAnother problem with Profit Miner is that is not renting hardware power, it is selling investment packages. So, it clearly is an investment service.

And providing investment services is a regulated activity that requires a license. But Profit Miner is totally anonymous and unregulated.

Ponzi scheme?

Based on what we mentioned above, we believe that Profit Miner is just a Ponzi scam that will collect money and pay some profits with new deposits until the systems collapses because of the lack of new deposits.

So, it might pay some time, but sooner or later it will collapse.


Profit Miner is promising returns that are impossible in Bitcoin mining, therefore we recommend staying away from it.

Mining is barely profitable, you can try bitcoin trading instead, you can test it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

However, you should know that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money, so act responsibly.

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4 thoughts on “STAY AWAY from Profit Miner – review

    1. The Profit Miner web says:
      „our mission is to help you making more out of your Bitcoins“
      „our team has developed a unique algorithm to take mining to a new level“
      It speaks about mining and no other crypto than Bitcoin is mentioned.
      So, it is mining what? In fact, it is not mining anything, it’s just a scam.

      1. If u Check the quik links (Pool), u will See what they do…and u will See it very clear.
        I didnt read about Bitcoin Mining But i see what they actually mine.
        The payouts are in BTC not in Fiat Money, so they make more out of My Bitcoin like the Web says.

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