STAY AWAY from The Traders Junction

Traders Junction reviewIn this review we explain why you should not trade binary options with The Traders Junction.

The Traders Junction is a binary options social trading website that allows you to choose and copy other successful traders. The service is free for the first month.

So can you make money by copying other traders within the Traders Junction? We don’t think so.

The Traders Junction scam

Fake testimonialOne think is for sure, the Traders Junction uses fake testimonials, so just because of this we can call it a scam.

Look at the picture, they used a stock photo, so the review allegedly made by Mark Williams is obviously not real.

Anonymous service – no responsibility

TermsAnother thing is that The Traders Junction is an illegal investment service in all countries with a solid financial regulation. Providing a social trading platform is a regulated activity in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc.

So the Traders Junction would have to have a licence in order to be able to operate legally in the western world, but there is no licence whatsoever.

In fact the service is totally anonymous, you can’t even know where it is based. Moreover they refuse all responsibility for the social statistics, which means that the statistics can be wrong.

But trading statistics are the most important part of a social platform. How would you choose traders to copy if you cannot trust the stats? So the whole Traders Junction service is flawed.

To make it even worse they want you to open a trading account with an unregulated broker…

Strange stats

StatisticsWe have already mentioned that you cannot trust their stats, they admit it, they are not verified. And when you look at the numbers, they really seem strange.

Look at the picture, you will see a trader with a 51,65% win ratio, which normally means losses with binary options. So how can he be in profit?

When you look at his trades, you will find that he invests more in winners than in losers, this is the reason for the overall profit. But this is exactly the weird thing, because you cannot know beforehand if a trade will be a winner or a loser.

So the statistics really don’t seem trustworthy.


We recommend not to trade with the Traders Junction, because it uses fake testimonials, it recommends an unregulated broker and the service itself is not regulated, therefore illegal in most countries.

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