STAY AWAY from Xpertsignal, it’s a SCAM!

xpertsignalThis XpertSignal review is a warning, don’t trade with this robot, it is losing money in binary options trading.

The presentation of Xpertsignal is pretty simple, it is a software that generates trading signals for binary options that allegedly have an 85% winning rate. And you don’t have anything to learn, because the software can trade your account automatically.

And because money is free (right?), Xpertsignal is free.

Xpertsignal scam

xpertsignal-softwareYou probably guessed it, Xpertsignal is a scam that abuses binary options to take money away from you and earn some commissions to scammers.

The main problem is the software. It is based on the White Label Robot that is used by a lot of scammers. Take a look at the picture to see some other scams that use the exact same software, like Binary Auto Trader for example.

accuracySo there is nothing unique about this app, anybody can buy it, rebrand it and start scamming people. The most dirty part of this software, now labelled Xpertsignal, is the demo. Because it fakes results.

So when you try it, you will see a lot of winning trades and your balance will grow quickly. So you will think that the software really works and you will open a real account with your own money.

But real trades cannot be faked, so when you let Xpertsignal trade with your real money, it will lose it. This software is losing money, we know this for a fact.

How it really works – the truth

So the usual question is why scammers give away for free a losing software, what’s in it for them? Well, they are affiliated with a few brokers that will pay them for every new depositing client they can refer. So they do it for affiliate commissions from brokers. As simple as that.

So when you realise that the Xpertsignal robot is losing money in real trading, it will be too late, scammers will already have their commission from their broker.


XpertSignal is a very ordinary scam that uses a robot that fakes demo results to make you believe that it is profitable, but in real trading it loses money.

The best way to really start your journey towards profits on binary options is to open a genuine free demo account with a regulated broker and start learning.

Practice on the demo until you can trade profitably and only then start trading with real money.

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4 thoughts on “STAY AWAY from Xpertsignal, it’s a SCAM!

  1. hey this is totally incorrect…. I have been using this software for best part of 2 weeks and I have earned just over $2.5k it is working very well for me…

    I have lost a few times but all in all it has been great…

    Sorry totally incorrect…

    1. Sure, the White Label Robot with the fake demo used under all those different names is a winning software that is making millionaires for free. This is the real end of poverty in the world…

      1. The demo account the support team told me uses a social network trading system not live markets and were very open about it!

        Well all I can say is that for me using the signals has proved well, yes some losses but that’s trading, I have been up and down and tried a few of these things like that Traders revenge thing and lost. But at last this one is really doing its job..

        But to be honest not overall bothered if people wright the software off less people on it might keep the performance up lol…

        What is a scam anyway?

        Also my withdrawal request came through as well 3 working days so very happy…

        1. OK, you are affiliated with this scam, this is why you are fighting for it. I understand.

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