STINKY SCAM: Bitcoin Trade Robot review

BitcoinTradeRobot official webIn this review we prove that BitcoinTradeRobot is a scam that won’t make you any money in trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Trade Robot is supposed to be an automated bitcoin trading software that generates trading signals and executes trades on autopilot.

Trading results presented on the website suggest that the robot is very profitable, we haven’t seen a single losing trade in the table. But is it true and real?

BitcoinTradeRobot scam

The sad truth is that Bitcoin Trade Robot is a scam that is not profitable. In fact, it was made to lose your own money, so it is very dangerous.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeLet’s start with the reviews and testimonials shown on the Bitcoin Trade Robot website. They all are fake.

Scammers used stock photos, fake stories and fake results, nothing is real. Testimonials are fabricated. Look at our picture, you will see a proof.

Scam and losing software

Known scam softwareWe tested the BitcoinTradeRobot software to see what it is about. The first thing we noticed is that this program is based on the same software as the Bitcoin Method scam. This app is nothing unique, it used by several crypto scams.

What is really dangerous about this software is that it has a demo that fakes results. The testing mode generates a lot of profits, but they are fake. Take a look at our picture and you will see two demo trades, but there is no way to generate a $1000 profit with a $500 investment with so small price movements on Bitcoin.

This proves that demo results of the BitcoinTradeRobot are totally fake. Why is the robot generating fake profits? Well, there is a simple answer to that, continue reading.

How it really works

So, what is the real purpose of BitcoinTradeRobot? To make money to scammers. You see, if they manage to make you deposit with their affiliated and unregulated broker (Capital Markets Banc at this time), they will get paid by this broker.

This is why they are trying to fool you with fake demo results, they want you to believe that the robot can trade profitably, so that you deposit real money through the software, which will get them their commission from the broker.


Bitcoin Trade Robot is a disgusting scam that is made to lose your money with an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you are really interested in cryptocurrency trading, try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Remember that trading is risky, so if one day you decide to trade with real money, be very careful.

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2 thoughts on “STINKY SCAM: Bitcoin Trade Robot review

  1. I left 500.00 deposit with Zoomtrader realised it was a scam…and cannot get my money back…They insist I have to provide all my personal details however didn’t ask for the same details when I deposited my money!…I have tried e mailing…no response what so ever!…how do I go about getting it back or is it lost for good?

    1. Hi, all brokers have to verify the identity of their customers. However Zoomtrader is not regulated, so it is difficult to know if your personal information will be safe with them.

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