STRAIGHT SCAM: StreamBit review

This StreamBit review is a warning, don’t invest anything into this scam program.

StreamBit reviewStreamBit is supposed to be a crypto mining program that can make you money. Crypto mining consists of using computational power to validate blockchain transactions and getting rewards.

StreamBit allegedly can make you up to 3000% in just 30 days, which means 30x in on month. Can you believe it?

StreamBit scam

StreamBit testimonialIn all seriousness, if you think anybody can multiply your money 30 times each and every month, you have a big problem, because scammers will rip you off.

To be clear, it is absolutely impossible for any legitimate business to make you thousands of percent or even hundreds of percent per month on a regular basis. That’s the reality you have to accept.

And in mining it is even hard to break even, because crypto prices are relatively low, while mining difficulty is high. Meaning that you will be happy if you don’t lose money after several months of mining.

All this means one and only thing, StreamBit is a total scam.

Illegal service

StreamBit scamOne important thing worth noting in this StreamBit review is that it is an illegal investment service. True, StreamBit is a company registered in the UK, but it is only a few months old and it is not authorized to provide investment services.

As you can see on our picture, the Financial Conduct Authority hasn’t issued any license to this company.

How it truly works

StreamBit is a typical scam that will take your money to enrich people who run it. They may pay out some first profits, but just to attract new people to the system.

There is no real economic activity going on, no mining, no trading, nothing. They are only playing with money they get on deposits, which means a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail.

Streambit review conclusion

Streambit is a typical investment scam, it can only lose your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can try to trade them, see on a free demo how it works.

But be sure to understand that if you decide to invest real money, you can win, but also lose, so be careful.

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