STRANGE OFFER: Coin Code Club review

Coin Code Club websiteIn this article we review the Coin Code Club of George Phillips and we explain why we doubt it.

Phillips claims that he has discovered a method that can make you over $1,000 per day for free, because you don’t need to invest anything. It is about cryptocurrencies.

So, can you really get a decent income for nothing?

Beware of Coin Code Club

The method is not freeThe usual strange thing about Coin Code Club is that it allegedly is making more than $100,000 to Phillips, that he has made more than 3 million dollars in one year, yet he is spamming people and begging them to buy his method for $17. This is a red flag.

Moreover, once he says his method is free, another time he wants your money.

What it is about

Free cryptosPhillips is talking about free crypto coins. Free cryptos exist, but they are worth close to nothing. You can get free cryptocurrencies via airdrops, but as you can guess, cryptos distributed for free have no real value.

Sometimes you can also get free cryptos via bounty programs, when you make something for the community and you get tokens in return. These cryptos might be more valuable, however via bounty programs you will get too little to make good money.

Most of the free coins are used for pump and dump schemes and/or they die and disappear. You can always accumulate as many free cryptos as you can hoping that one day one of them will miraculously jump in value, but the probabilities are extremely low.

It certainly is not possible to make $1,000 per day with free coins. This is why we seriously doubt Coin Code Club.


Coin Code Club is promising impossible things, you won’t get a stable and decent income with free cryptocurrencies any time soon.

If you want to trade with real and established cryptos, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the review. It is important that potential traders have the opportunity to read on such opportunities before taking a decision. I however want to find out if you actually tried out the system by paying the $17 and opening an account to trade, to see if making profits is possible and trying to withdraw these profits. If you actually did this and did not make profits and was not able to withdraw your money then that will be a confirmation of your review. Thank you.

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