STRIKING SCAM: C7 Finance review

C7 Finance official webThis review reveals that C7 Finance is a dangerous investment scam.

C7 Finance claims to be involved in cryptocurrencies mining, which allegedly allows it to make big profits.

There are four investment plans with daily returns up to 136% (7777% after 57 days). Are such numbers real and sustainable?

C7 Finance scam

Nonsensic investment plansIn reality there is no way for any legit company to make you 136% per day. It is impossible. Especially in crypto mining, because the low crypto prices make mining barely profitable nowadays.

This means that C7Finance is a pure scam. It either is not paying at all, or it is a Ponzi scheme that uses new deposits to pay withdrawals, which will sooner or later bring a total collapse of the system.

This is how these crypto scam work, there is never real mining or trading going on, just an illegal game that will make a lot of people lose a lot of money.

Fake company

Not a real companyC7 Finance claims to be a company registered in the UK. But it either is not, or it is about to be dissolved.

As you can see on our picture, the C7 Limited profile that C7 Finance links to, belongs to a company that is supposed to sell food. And there is an active proposal to strike off.

In any case C7 Finance is not a licensed investment services provider, which means that it is an illegal investment scheme, you can check it with the Financial Conduct Authority.


C7 Finance is a total scam that won’t last for long, don’t put your money into it!

Crypto mining is not really profitable these days, you can try crypto trading instead, there is a free demo available.

Trading can make you money, but also lose, so be sure to learn what is necessary if you want to trade with real money one day.

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