STUPID SCAM: $10K Every Day App review

In this $10K Every Day App review we clearly show that this program is a scam. It is presented by Richard Banks.

Banks claims that his $10K Every Day App made him over 5 million dollars. And what do you do when you have a profitable trading app? You give it for free to other people, so the $10K Every Day App is free. Pretty normal, right?

This app can allegedly make you $10,000 per day, so you can become a millionaire for free, right?

$10K Every Day is a scam

$10K Every Day is of course just a scam. It will not make you any money. In fact, the exact opposite will happen, it will make you lose your own money. Let’s show you some proofs.

Richard Banks

Banks is a fictitious character played by a professional scammer. We’ve known this guy for long, he played a role in several binary options scams.

Look at the picture and you will see that among others he presented scams like Altronix or the Instant Cash Club. Every time he of course uses a different name.

Fake testimonials

Professional scammers have been also used for testimonials in the $10K Every Day movie. All these faces are very-well known in the binary options scam industry.

Look at the picture with the allegedly unknown guy that Banks meets in the street. It is the same guy that presented the Millionaire Dream scam as Money Chris.

Losing software

And last but not least, the $10K Every Day App is not a unique software. It is a well-known scam app that is developed and offered by scammers only.

Look at the picture to see a few examples of other scams that use this exact same app, like Binatrust.

We have a lot of feedback about this software from real users and we know that it loses money in real trading!

The truth – how it really works

If you are new to binary options scams, let us quickly recap how all these programs work. People who create them are associated with some brokers and these brokers pay them for referring new depositing clients.

So this is what these scammers do, they refer new depositors to brokers for money. The problem is that they use lies, false promises and scam techniques to persuade you to deposit money with their broker. They won’t earn you a single cent, in fact they need you to earn them their affiliate commission!


$10K Every Day is a dirty scam that will lose your money, it is not free. You won’t be allowed to use the software until you deposit money with a selected broker. Don’t do it!

If you want to try binary options to see how you really can make money, open a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn everything you need to start trading profitably for real profits.

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