STUPID SCAM: Crypto Gold review

Crypto Gold official websiteRead this review to see that Crypto Gold is a crypto scam that you have to stay away from. It is presented by Max Carney.

Carney says that he created an application that can trade cryptocurrencies on autopilot and make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Crypto Gold system is allegedly so good, that it is risk free. Also because you can get it for free. Is it true?

Crypto Gold scam

Comparison of scamsThe truth is that Crypto Gold is a cloned crypto scam. It first appeared under the name of Crypto Wealth, which you might have already noticed.

Crypto Gold uses the same video, this why the story is exactly the same and why you will hear Crypto Wealth mentioned. See our picture for a proof.

Max Carney scammer

Max Carney is a scammerThe guy speaking in the Crypto Gold video calls himself Max Carney, but it is not his real name. This man is a scammer that played in several investment scams.

As you can see on our picture, on of his other names is Martin Saunders.  His real identity remains unknown, but this man cannot be trusted, he is a scammer.

Fake reviews

Testimonials are fakeThe Crypto Gold video features some testimonials with people who are allegedly making money with this system.

But in the original website agreement there is clearly stated that these people are paid actors, which means that these reviews are totally fake.

The truth

Finally, let us explain the true purpose of Crypto Gold. After signing up you will be pushed to deposit money with a selected unregulated broker.

Why? Because people who run this scam are paid by that broker for referring new depositors who will lose money. That’s right, the Crypto Gold trading software is made to lose your deposit with a shady broker.


Crypto Gold is a scam, a cloned one. We know from real users that it is losing money, stay away from it!

If you are truly interested in making money with cryptocurrencies, start practicing on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Remember that trading is risky, so don’t trade with real money until you are sure about what you are doing.

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