STUPID SCAM: Elite Gold review

This review of Elite Gold Profits proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Nigel Pearson.

Pearson claims that he helps rich people to get even richer. And now he is willing to help you to make money. His Elite Gold binary options trading system can allegedly make you $1,369 per day.

And because Elite Gold is free, you can get money for free. Can you?

Elite Gold Profits scam

The sad truth is that Nigel Pearson is a scam artist who wants to take your money and lose it. In reality Pearson does not even exist, it is a fictitious character with a fictitious story.

Here are the proofs.

Fake testimonials

Fake reviews are typical for scams and Elite Gold is no different. First you will see people endorsing this program in the video.

But they all are paid actors who have never traded with this system, they are just lying in front of the camera.

Look at the picture to see an example. This guy sells fake testimonials for five dollars.

After registering you will be shown another set of testimonials with photos. But they again are all fake.

This time scammers have stolen photos of people who have no idea that their identity is being abused by Elite Gold Profits.

Take a look at the second image to see the proof.

Losing software

And finally we have tested the Elite Gold app that is supposed to trade for you and make you money.

What we have found is a well-known app developed and used by scammers only.

There are many scams that use this exact same app, like Epix Trader, Fintech Profits and Tera App (see image).

Real users of this software all agree that it is losing money in trading with real money!

The truth

So what is the real purpose of Elite Gold? To make you sign up and deposit with a selected unregulated broker, because scammers get paid by this broker for referring new depositors. As simple as that.

But as we said, if you do it and let the software trade with your money, you will never see it again.


Elite Gold Profits is a simple scam designed to make you deposit and lose money. Stay away from it!

Make no mistake, you can make money with binary options, but you first have to learn to trade profitably. You can try and do that on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

No robot or other trading system will make you money for free, you have to work on it and learn.

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