STUPID SCAM: Income Recipe review

Income Recipe official websiteThis review proves that Income Recipe of Peter Anderson is a scam made to steal your money.

Income Recipe is supposed to be an automated online program that generates money. It allegedly will make you more than ten thousand dollars per day in financial trading. Guaranteed.

Hundreds of dollars per month for free, because the program doesn’t cost anything. Does it sound weird?

Income Recipe scam

The truth is that Income Recipe is an old school scam. It promises impossible things while targeting your bank account.

Do you really think that somebody will make you a millionaire for free? If you do, you have a serious problem.

Peter Anderson scammer

Peter Anderson is a scammerLet’s start with the alleged creator of Income Recipe. His name is Peter Anderson and he gives you his personal guarantee that you will make money with his program.

Who is he? The top of the website says he is from the MIT, meanwhile his bio says is not a mathematician and that he has no university degree.

The reality is that he is a fictitious character created by scammers. Check our picture to see that they used a stock photo to portray him.

Fake testimonials

Scam actorThe typical scam element is fake testimonials and reviews. In the Income Recipe video you will see people claiming that they have been earning money with this system, but they all lie.

As you can see on our picture, they are paid actors, anybody can hire them. It costs just a few bucks to make them lie in front of the camera.

On the internet you will also find several positive reviews of Income Recipe, but they are fake too. They were written and published by people who are paid to promote this scam, beware!

How it really works

The modus operandi of Income Recipe is pretty simple. Once you sign up, they will register you with an unregulated broker that will then aggressively push you to deposit money and trade.

If you deposit money with them, you will lose it, their software is losing money. But even if you realize quickly that it is a scam, the shady broker won’t let you withdraw anything, They will just make up all sorts of excuses and reasons why you should deposit more. Don’t do it!


Income Recipe is a dirty scam made to steal your money. Don’t send them your money if you don’t want to lose it!

If you want to try financial trading to make money, start risk free on a demo account with a regulated broker.

You will be able to see how everything works and calmly decide whether you want to learn trading and try it for real.

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