Stupid scam review – Cyber System

Cyber System presentationIn this review we are going to deal with a new binary options scam called “Cyber System”. It is presented by Joshua.

Joshua claims to be a hacker who hacked into Wall Street financial markets in order to be able to predict future prices of financial assets through his Cyber System software.

His system is allegedly able to win 100 binary options trades in a row and it is making at least $1,000 per day. Trading signals are based on those generated by systems on Wall Street. Binary options brokers allegedly manipulate media to hide this information.

Cyber System is a stupid scam

Cyber System software
No deposit, no trading…

Joshua is basically not showing anything, he is just telling a stupid story with stupid claims. Believe us, it is a scam.

He is doing exactly what he describes in his video, he is referring new depositors to his broker, which earns him affiliate commissions.

So he needs you to open a trading account with his broker and deposit at least $250. If you then trade with the Cyber System, you will lose your money.

As mentioned earlier, Joshua doesn’t show anything, so we can examine only his speech, and here are some of his lies and proofs of scam.

With binary options you can become a millionaire in one day with a limited initial deposit.

It is a lie, you cannot become a millionaire in one day with a deposit of $250.

You can become extremely wealthy in one hour.

The same lie as the one above. You can make money with binary options, but you cannot become extremely wealthy in one hour. With a proper risk management it is even very improbable to double you account in one hour, because you shouldn’t risk more than 3 % of your capital in one trade.


Cyber System is a simple binary options scam with a really poor presentation and some stupid lies.

If you want to see how binary options really work, try a free demo account. You’ll see that binary options are really easy to understand, but you still need to build a good strategy to make profits.

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