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Trade X Confidential web siteIn this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called „Trade X Confidential“. It is presented by Paul Reed.

Reed claims that he programmed a piece of software that can trade binary options on stocks of tech startups. His app is constantly scanning the Internet to discover next big companies and invest in them.

This app is called Trade X Confidential and according to Reed it made him millions of dollars. Now he offers a free access to his app, so you can get it too.

Trade X Confidential is a scam

The appReed says some things about his app that prove that he is a liar. He says that his app does reverse engineering of IP addresses to see who looked for news about a certain company. Well, this is technically not possible, or at least not legally.

Then the very basis of Trade X Confidential is a lie, because it is supposed to invest in new small companies, but you just cannot do that with binary options, because binary options brokers offer only stocks of big companies as underlying assets.

But there is more, we had a look at the trading app and surprise, it is the most used binary options app by scammers. It has been used by The Amissio Formula and Tauribot scams for example. Every time it is the same losing app, just rebranded and with different colors, see the picture on the right.

Not free

The truth is that if you sing up with Trade X Confidential, you will have to deposit at least $250. If you then trade your account with this app, you will lose your deposit. This is it. But Reed will get his affiliate commission from his broker (Benedict Morris) for referring a new depositor.


Trade X Confidential is just another scam abusing binary options, there is no doubt about that.

You can make money on binary options, but you first have to learn trading and build a profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo account, which allows you to trade really risk free.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid scam – Trade X Confidential

  1. Yet another shit scam, how many more of these do people have to fall for? I wish I had found your site earlier, as I’ve lost money to earlier scams last year – won’t happen again! I see one of the Spanish quintet (or maybe there’s more!) is endorsing Option Robot, among others, ever heard of this one? Regards, and thank you for the great work in keeping our money safe.

    1. Hi, any system or robot that asks you to deposit first with a certain broker is extremely probably a scam.

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