SUBTILE SCAM: Apple Invest review

Apple Invest reviewIn this review we have a look at the Apple Invest (Apple Investment Club) program that promises earnings thanks to stock investing.

The Apple Invest webpage suggests that you can easily make money by investing into Apple stocks. They go as far as saying that millions of people make real money with them.

So, they want you to sign up and invest via contracts for difference. Should you do it?

Apple Invest scam

Apple Invest or Apple Investment Club is a scam that is trying to get your money. Let’s start with some facts.

The price is not always going up

Apple Investment Club reviewApple Invest shows you a chart of Apple stocks which suggest that the price keeps moving up. But is not true.

Check our picture on the right and you will see a comparison with a real chart from Yahoo Finance. At the end of the last year the price of Apple stocks took a major dip. If you invested back then, you would be in a loss today.

So, no, investing in stocks is not that easy and you have no guarantees.

Millions are making money?

Apple Invest testimonialApple Invest claims that millions of people are making real money with the program. But it certainly is a lie. Only the biggest brokers in the world have millions of customers and these brands are well-known.

Apple Invest is just an anonymous webpage, not a company with real clients. They show a false statement, you cannot trust them.

How it works

Apple Invest is making money, but only to people who run that webpage. They are paid for referring new depositors to brokers they have partnered with.

In our case they pushed us to deposit with Aspen Holding, which is an unregulated broker, therefore not a company that you should deal with. With unregulated brokers money is often lost the moment you deposit.

They use all kind of tricks and refuse withdrawal request, you should use regulated companies only.


Apple Invest is a scam, it uses misleading information to make you deposit money with an unlicensed broker, don’t do it!

If you want to try to make money in trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

It is the best way to try trading for free, so that you can evaluate properly your chances of making money in real trading.

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