SUBTLE SCAM: IQ Miners review

This IQ Miners review reveals a big lie that this service is using to mislead its clients.

IQ Miners reviewIQMiners is an investment service but very vague. On its website we just could read there are investment plans but there are no details about them.

IQ Miners just say they will bring you high profits. Is it true?

IQMiners scam

IQMiners scamWe often say that to spot a scam you should first look at the numbers. Because most of the time investment scams promise ridiculous returns that are not possible, so you can quickly see what it is all about.

But as we already mentioned, IQMiners are hiding the details of their investment plans, so it is difficult to judge it from this point of view.

However, there is another giveaway. IQ Miners Ltd. supposedly is a UK company that is licensed to provide investment services. But it absolutely is not true.

IQ Miners is not even registered as a UK company, let alone licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment services.

This means that they are lying on their website, which makes this service an obvious scam. If they lie about their legal status, you can be sure they are ready to scam you out of your money.

This is why the only right thing to do with IQ Miner is to never invest with it, otherwise you would be at great risk of loss.

IQ Miners review conclusion

IQMiners is lying about its registration and license, therefore it is a scam. You have to stay away from it!

For investing we recommend using regulated brokers only and starting on a demo account to learn risk free.

If you decide to trade with real money, be sure to understand the risks.

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