LAUGHABLE SCAM: Bitcoin South African System review

Bitcoin South African System websiteThis review proves that the Bitcoin South African System is a scam that is meant to steal your money. It is presented by Jasper Boyle.

The Bitcoin South African System is allegedly an automated trading program that allows anybody to make money with bitcoin. They say you don’t need any knowledge, the app will do everything for you.

So, you are supposed to believe that a free software will make you thousands of dollars per month.

Bitcoin South African System scam

Comparison of scamsThe truth is that Bitcoin South African System is a scam, a cloned one. We have already seen it and reviewed it under the names of Britcoin System and Bitcoin Malay System. Check our picture for a comparison.

The entire presentation, including the video, is always the same, scammers just change the logo and the name, that’s all.

Full of lies

Bitcoin South African System tries hard to make you believe that bitcoin is going up all the time, that it is again approaching its all time high. But it is not true.

Bitcoin had its all time high last year in December and since then it is going down, it has lost about two thirds of its maximum value.

Bitcoin South African System is therefore very misleading, because this year’s price action has shown that buying any time doesn’t work in short term trading.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are not realThe Bitcoin South African System video is full of fake testimonials and reviews. Paid actors are claiming they have been earning money with the system, but they lie for money.

As you can see on our picture, not only is this man a paid actor, but he also supported several other investment scams in the past.

How it really works

Bitcoin South African System is a scam that is designed to make you deposit and lose money with an unregulated broker.

This is why after registering you will be immediately pushed to deposit money with a shady broker. If you do it, you will never see it again.


Bitcoin South African System is a scam that wants your money, don’t send them anything!

If you want to try to trade cryptocurrencies to make money, try it first on a free demo with a regulated broker to see how it really works.

Trade with real money only when you know what you are doing and you are aware of the risks.

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