SURE SCAM: Crypto Wealth Society review

Crypto Wealth Society webIn this review we explain why Crypto Wealth Society is a scam. It is presented by Andrew Sokolov.

Sokolov claims that he can teach you how to turn $20 into 50,000 in a matter of weeks. He says that people using has method even became millionaires.

His advice will cost you $37. Is it worth it?

Crypto Wealth Society scam

Think of this offer like this: You know how to become a millionaire within one year and you sell this advice for $37? Of course not!

Crypto Wealth Society and similar scams just promise impossible things and try to get your money.

Lies about risksTo make this clear, it is impossible to turn $50 to $50,000 in a matter of weeks. It would mean 250,000% in weeks, which of course is pure fiction. No cryptocurrency made such gains in one year, let alone months or weeks!

Sokolov is just what we call a hindsight guru. All he can do is to look at historical charts and say what you would have now, if you invested back then. But he cannot make the right decisions now.

And his is portraying a wrong picture of investing, it certainly never is risk free!

Illegal investment advice

Crypto Wealth Society is supposed to help you make money in crypto investing. This is clear investment advice, which is a regulated activity that you need a licence for.

But Sokolov remains anonymous, he certainly has no licence for providing his product. We believe that even his name is fake.

How it really works

Sokolov will sell you his worthless advice for $37. People will notice that his product does not work, but not everybody will ask for a refund. That’s how he earns money.


Crypto Wealth Society is a scam that certainly won’t make you 100,000% gains in a matter of weeks. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, you have to learn and build your own strategy. You can start practicing on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

But don’t expect to become a millionaire in few months.

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