Suspicious project: The Nautilus Method on binary options

In this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options project called “The Nautilus Method”.

What is it about

The Nautilus Method web siteA guy called David explains in a video presentation that you can get access to binary options trading method –  The Nautilus Method – that can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. He doesn’t really explain how it exactly works, so you cannot be sure if it is a robot, a signal service or a course.

But as he later says, the Nautilus Method will be activated as soon as you deposit money, so it seems that it is an automated system.

There is a strange connection to the Ouroboros Trading Network of Yuriy Anischenko and David Nocitra. We actually are not sure if Nautilus and Ouroboros are really connected, because we have not seen Ourobors mentioning the Nautilus Method anywhere, it is only the other way.

Why you should avoid the Nautilus Method

Here are the reasons why in our opinion you should not trust The Nautilus method.

Not free

nautilus-24hrsThey say it is free. Free for 24 hours only. First of all it is not free, because as you can hear in the video, you have to open a binary options trading account with their broker and deposit money.

Only then you will get access to their system. Meanwhile if you see their presentation later than today (01-27-2016), the statement about it being free for only 24 hours is a lie.


Compare with the real Facebook account of Stacey J Blouse. No mentions of Nautilus whatsoever.

The video and the Nautilus Method’s page is full of testimonials, that look suspicious. One example for all. Look at the testimonials of Stacey J Blouse on Facebook.

And then look at her real Facebook account and you will not find any of these posts, does she know anything about this binary options trading system? Would she make all these posts private?

Ouroboros connection?

Why there are no mentions about the Nautilus Method on the public Ouroboros Trading Network pages here and here?
Why are there no mentions about the Nautilus Method on the public Ouroboros Trading Network pages here and here?

The video presentation and web page shows some screenshots of the Ouroboros Trading Network secret group Facebook account where people are posting testimonials, but we have found two Facebook accounts of Ouroboros and there are only a few posts with absolutely no mentions of the Nautilus Method to this date. Would they keep a supposedly successful project that secret if they offer affiliate commissions for bringing new people in?

No matter if the connection between the Ouroboros Trading Network and the Nautilus Method is real or fake, one thing is clear, the Nautiuls Method web site is very suspicious, because it wants your money first.

It obviously has only one aim, which is usual for binary options scams, to make you open a trading account a deposit money, because it will earn an affiliate commission to people behind this project.


If somebody promises you free money, always look after your wallet, because sooner or later you’ll see that they will ask for your money anyway. This is exactly the case of the Nautilus Method.

Trading binary options can be profitable, but you should always start on a free demo to test anything that you would like to trade with real money later. Only trade live with strategies that you have verified on a demo, never start directly with real money. The best is always to develop your own strategy.

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