TERRIBLE SCAM: Guardian Angel’s Wing review

guardianangelswingThis review of Guardian Angel’s Wing is a warning, do not trade with this scam of Tommy Lomax!

Lomax claims that his Guardian Angel’s Wing app can make you $30,000 to $60,000 per month by trading binary options. So you could become a millionaire in two years.

And because money is free (right?), the Guardian Angel’s Wing program is of course free.

Guardian Angel’s Wing scam

This program is of course a scam that will only lose your money, you won’t see a single cent from Tommy Lomax.

The entire story has only one purpose that we will explain later. It is full of lies, faked materials and fake testimonials. All the people you can see on the Guardian Angel’s Wing website are paid actors.

How it really works

disclaimerWhen you sign up for the Guardian Angel’s Wing program, the first thing you will have to do is to deposit at least $250 with a binary options broker. So you see, the program is not really free.

You won’t be allowed to use the Guardian Angel’s Wing App until you deposit. Isn’t that strange? Not really, when you know how scams work.

Because people who created this scam are getting paid by a broker for referring new depositors.  And because they don’t know how to trade profitably, they are lying to you. They can’t let you use their app before you deposit, because they want to get paid by their broker before you discover that their app is losing money.

The proof

guardian-angels-wing-appWe have seen and reviewed hundreds of binary options scam and there is far less scam apps, because they often use the same software. Guardian Angel’s Wing does exactly that, it uses the same app as many other scams.

Look at the picture to see a few examples of scams using this same app that forces you to deposit with Opteck, like Six Figure Method or Dubai Lifestyle App.


Guardian Angel’s Wing is a deplorable scam that abuses not only binary options, it can only lose your money. So stay away from it.

If you want to see how traders are really making money with binary options, try a free demo account where you can learn everything you need.

You can start trading with real money only when you see results on the demo.

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