The BCSC recommends caution with Suisse Option

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has published a warning about the binary options broker Suisse Option.

Suisse Option let British Columbia residents open trading accounts, although it is not allowed to do so. Suisse Option is allegedly based in Hong Kong, but according to our research this broker is unregulated.


2 thoughts on “The BCSC recommends caution with Suisse Option

  1. I was scammed by Suisse Options the guy who pretended to be a broker his name is Jack Ryan, then there was Emma Kent who also worked for this company and Richard Brenner …..WATCH OUT FOR ALL THOSE PEOPLE!! I was scammed for $30,000US.
    They probably run under a different name now. I have a lawyer working on getting my money back. She said that Almost ALL of those Binary options are Scams!
    What I suggest: Don’t invest right away, wait about 10 months bc thats how long they take to scam a bunch of people and once they start to get too many people wanting their money back they shut down the site completely!

    1. Sylvia
      My wife and I were also scammed $50k we were trying to find lawylers to help us get our money back are you having any success tracking down that despicable jack Ryan Suisse options a guy in usa parsons was driving the shut down of this company but no success we go t onto some lawylers in Israel but they wanted so much money up front so difficult
      Be good to hear from you any ideas to help?
      James Sydney Australia

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