The Millionaires Method scam wants you to become a scammer – review

This review of the Millionaires Method is a warning, don’t become another scammer with this scam! It is presented by Nates Anderson.

Anderson claims that he can teach you how to easily earn one million dollars. His Millionaires Method allegedly makes him about 100 thousand dollars per month.

Anderson will give you his Millionaires Method for $47.

What it is really about

For years we have been fighting against scams that abuse binary options and now we have an opportunity to look a bit further behind scammers’ doors.

Because what Anderson wants you to do is to become an affiliate of Clicksure, which is the biggest affiliate site to promote binary options scams.

Anderson shows you in his video his Clicksure account. Look at the top ten of Clicksure offers at the picture on the right, these are all scams! You can read our reviews of these scams: Virtual Income, My First Online Payday, Copy Buffett, BinaDroid, Triana Soft, Golden Paradigm, Cloud Trader, Amissio Formula, Profit Maker Method and Legacy Club.

You see, there are only scams in the Clicksure list! And you can also see that some of these scams pay $275 for every new victim you refer to them! This is really outrageous… Now you understand why these scams are so absurd when they say you will get a money making system for free? It is never free, you always have to deposit with a selected broker and this is where the commission comes from.

Are the numbers real?

We have always thought that promoting binary options scam is much more rewarding than fighting against them. It is because we see scammers building huge networks of fake review websites to support their scams.

But if Anderson’s numbers are real and he’s making $100,000 per month by promoting scams, it’s really horrible.

Anyway, no matter how much Anderson makes by promoting scams, his Millionaires Method is another scam designed to rip you off.

ReviewsBecause it costs $47 and we are pretty sure that the only thing you will learn is that you have to get an affiliate account with Clicksure and start promoting scams.

For this you need visitors and leads and this the most difficult part that nobody will do for you. But we certainly hope that nobody is considering becoming a scammer!!!

To prove that the Millionaires Method is a scam, you just have to look at the testimonials. They are of course fake, they were made with paid actors. Look at the picture.


The Millionaires Method is a scam that wants you to become a scammer. One of the most disgusting things we have ever seen…

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