Theory of Wealth – review of a scam

A well known scammer.
A well known scammer.

This review is going to be pretty short, but we are going to prove that “Theory of Wealth” (Theory Gamma) presented by Gordon Stewart is a binary options scam.

Stewart says that with the help of a certain Professor Pranav Gupta he created a mathematic formula based on Fibonacci numbers that can make you lots of money on binary options.

The video presentation of Pranav Gupta is in fact empty, he just shows some prices of gold, but explains no strategy for trading.

Why is Theory of Wealth a scam

This newspaper and professor do not exist.
This newspaper and professor do not exist.

First of all Professor Pranav Gupta does not exist. They show you a screenshot with an interview from the Delhi Sun. But we have not found any newspaper called the Delhi Sun, nor we found anything about Pranav Gupta, a professor in mathematics.

But the main proof that the Theory of Wealth (Theory Gamma) is a scam is Gordon Stewart himself. He is a well known binary options scammer that is behind the Instant Trader scam, where he called himself Barry Roman. Just click on the link to our review and compare the photos.

So that’s it, Theory of Wealth is just another scam created by people who are notoriously known for being scammers.


No matter how many scammers are out there promising you free profits, binary options are still a great investment tool that can make you money. But you first have to learn, test and build a profitable strategy that you will trade yourself.

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