This is a scam: Stark Trading System on binary options

In this review we are going to examine a new binary options scam called “Stark Trading System”, it is presented by Richard Paul.

What is it about

Stark Trading SystemPaul explains in a video that his old friend Antonio Stark has given him access to an automated binary options trading tool that uses a new trading algorithm.

This software allegedly can double the profits multiple times in a row and make you an average of $8,000 per day. You can even see a guarantee file.

According to Paul the Stark Trading System is absolutely free for the first 50 people that sign up.

Stark Trading System is a scam

The Stark Trading system is an ordinary scam based on an old app. Here are the arguments.

Stark Trading App

Stark Trading AppThe software that you are supposed to use is just a rebranded app that is used by scammers over and over again, we’ve seen it many times.

Just look at the image, these are just a few examples of how scammers used the same app under different names. It is well known that this app is losing money to its users, so stay away from the Stark Trading App.

Fake guarantee

guaranteeOn the Stark Trading System web site you can see a guarantee that you will make those $8,000 per day, it is signed by Richard Paul and Antonio Stark. But have a look at their Disclaimer, it states that there are no guarantees that you will make money or that you will not lose everything.

The reality is that you will have to deposit at least $250 of your own money in order to get access to the Stark Trading System. Their app will then trade your account and lose your money.


The Stark Tradiny System is an ordinary binary options scam presented by a paid actor, meanwhile the identity of the real creators remains hidden. If you don’t want to lose your money, stay away of them.

The only proven way to make money on binary options is to learn trading. You can try to build a profitable strategy on a free demo account and see if you would be able to make profits with real money later.

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