Thunder Force Forex System review – this is a real SCAM

Read this review of Thunder Force Forex to understand why you should not buy this trading system.

Thunder Force ForexThunder Force Forex System is a script that will run in the trading platform Metatrader and tell you when you should take long or short positions on currency pairs and when to close them.

The system is supposed to generate 50 to 400 pips in profits each and every day, which would be pretty spectacular. Especially because it cost only $97. But is it true?

Tunder Forex Forex System is a scam

False promiseWe reckon you need some experience in trading to see it, but Thunder Force Forex is a scam at first sight. Because no trading system in the world can make 50 – 400 pips per day on a regular basis. Sometimes you can have one day like this, but certainly not every day, it just is not possible, trust us, we have been trading for 13 years.

There is also another angle that you can consider even without any experience in trading. You can easily do the math and see that with 50 to 400 pips per day you would be a millionaire within a year.

So, ask yourself this question: Would a system that can make you a millionaire in one year cost $97? Hopefully now you see how absurd the Thunder Force Forex System scam is.

Fake testimonials

Testimonials are fakeOne really tangible proof that Thunder Force Forex is a scam is in the testimonials you can find on the website of the system. Because they are totally fake.

As you can see on our picture, they used paid actors, these people are not real customers, it all is a big lie.

How it really works

Finally, let us explain in this review how fraudsters make money. They sell dreams and a system that doesn’t work.  The thing is, not everybody will ask for a refund when they realize they were scammed.

So, sellers of the Thunder Force Forex System will keep some of the money from sales and these will be their profits.


Thunder Forex Forex System is a scam, don’t buy it, it can only lose your money!

Profitable trading is a matter of learning and building your own profitable strategy. You can start on a free demo and build your way up.

Trade with real money only when you have a verified strategy and an understanding of the risks.

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