TOTAL SCAM: Anza Corp investment program review

Anza Corp scamWe have uncovered a crypto investment scam, see the details in this Anza Corp (Coinanza) review.

Anza supposedly is a cryptocurrency investment platform. It allegedly generates big profit thanks to crypto investments.

They claim you can get up to 4.7% daily for 35 days, which is equal to a 41% net profit per month. Is this real?

Anza Corp scam

Investment plansUnfortunately, Anza is just another Ponzi scheme that is made to steal money. There is no cryptocurrency investment platform behind it, just an illegal financial scheme that is doomed to fail.

No legitimate investment program can make you 41% net per month, no matter the underlying asset. That is the reality that you have to accept.

Only Ponzi schemes advertise such returns, because they are scams. They just collect money, might pay a few profits and then they collapse, because they are not doing any real business, they are not generating any real value.

Fake company

Anza Corp is a company that really is registered in New York. But Anza is a scam. So there are only two possibilities.

Either Anza Corp has nothing to do with Anza at, or Anza Corp was created just to support the scam and is an empty box. Either way the investment program is a scam that you have to avoid.


The Anza Corp crypto investment program is an obvious scam, stay away from it!

If you want to try real trading with cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You have to learn certain things and understand the risks first, if you want to start trading with real money one day.

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