TOTAL SCAM: Banner Banc review

Read this review to understand that BannerBanc is a scam that has to be avoided.

Banner Banc reviewBannerBanc comes with a claim that you can invest into online ad campaigns that are run by big companies and make money in the process.

How exactly you are supposed to make money on ads run by third parties is not explained, however they say you can become the next millionaire thanks to their program.

Banner Banc scam

Banner Banc scamBanner Banc does not explain where the profits should come from simply because there are no profits, it is a scam.

Just use common sense, how could you make money in ads run by companies like Apple or Samsung? They pay for ads to get sales, there is no way for anybody else to make money in it, except for people who own websites that ads are placed on.

BannerBanc is a very simple scam that has its origins in investment scams like Crypto Comeback or Libra Profit System, just see our picture for a proof.

Fake BannerBanc testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviewsThe website of the program features BannerBanc testimonials, pictures of people and sums of money are supposed to prove that it all works.

But everything is fake, we’ve seen this same set of testimonials with many scams. And if you take a look at our picture, you will see that these people are not real users, these are just stock photos that anybody can buy.

How they scam you

Adsbanc scamThe BannerBanc scam is pretty simple, if you sign up, it will send you to a scam platform called Adsbanc. This platform will show you some advertising campaigns you allegedly can invest into, but they are fake.

If you deposit money in the platform, that will be it, you will never get anything back. You might see some profits in the platform, but they will be fake and you will never be able to withdraw any money.

Banner Banc review conclusion

Banner Banc is a total scam that just wants your money, you cannot earn anything with ad campaigns run by other companies.

Investment is possible in cryptocurrencies, currencies, stocks and commodities for example, see on a free demo how it works.

But be sure to understand that in any investing you can make, but also lose money, so be careful if investing real money.

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