TOTAL SCAM: Bitcoin Focus Group review

This review of the Bitcoin Focus Group proves that this program is a scam. It is presented by David Kramer.

What it is about

Bitcoin Focus Group official webKramer claims that within the Bitcoin Focus Group you will get access to Bitcoin trading secrets, algo-trading and ICOs.

All this is supposed to make you tens of thousands of dollars.

Membership in this focus group is free, so can you really get money for free this way?

Bitcoin Focus Group scam

In reality Bitcoin Focus Group is a total scam that won’t earn you anything. In fact, it will make you lose your own money.

David Kramer and Johnson & Rutger Focus Groups

David Kramer scammerJohnson & Rutger Focus Groups is a fictitious company. It simply does not exit. Just make and search with a search and see for yourself. There are absolutely no search results for this name.

Therefore, David Kramer is also fictitious, this guy does not exist. Scammers used a stock photo to portray him. Look at our picture to see the proof.

Fake awards, fake press

Fake pressOn the Bitcoin Focus Group website you will see an award that it allegedly won from the Global Crypto Magazine. The problem is that Global Crypto Magazine does not exist. So the award is fake.

You will also see alleged press articles about the Bitcoin Focus Group. But they are all fake. Most pictures do not even show where the alleged article was supposed to appear.

In the video you will see an article that allegedly appeared in the Business Insider, but as you see on our picture, it is not true. The article is fake.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeIn the Bitcoin Focus Group you will hear that there are people who have earned money with this program, that there are audited proofs and so on. But it is a lie. There is no third independent party that verified any results.

Moreover, people who are presenting their positive reviews, are just paid actors that are known for supporting investment scams.

You will find a proof on our picture, this guy is selling fake testimonials for five dollars on Fiverr.

The truth

CoinBullSo, what is the true purpose of the Bitcoin Focus Group? To earn money scammers. How will they do that? After signing up you will be forced to deposit your own money with Coinbull. This is the first step, they will tell you that you cannot make any money if don’t deposit with this particular broker.

By they way Coinbull is a totally anonymous and unlicensed broker.

If scammers manage to make you deposit, they will get paid by the broker for referring a new depositor. This is how they make money, this is the true purpose of the Bitcoin Focus Group.

If you deposit and trade according to their advice and/or trading signals, you can be sure that you will lose everything.


The Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam full of lies, it is designed to make you deposit and lose money with a shady broker. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You can make money with cryptocurrencies, but is is not that easy, you have to learn and build yourself a proper strategy.

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10 thoughts on “TOTAL SCAM: Bitcoin Focus Group review

  1. I got scammed on coinbull and then same person called me from CryptoNXT

    same scam ! i called lawyer in israel to sue them !
    liers !!

  2. Simply put, in order to make money, you must invest money. Here are my facts. I opened an account with Coinbull. Yes, they asked me for additional funds (deposits). See 1st sentence. I’ve deposited a bit over $25K. It’s been 2 months. My current account balance, in USD, is just over $50K. They have handled 99% of all transactions. I have asked questions and challenged them along the way. So far…so good. I anticipate I will request withdrawals at the end of this month. I’ll return to this site with the results.

    1. Coinbull is an unregulated broker that is breaking the laws of the USA, UK, Switzerland and Canada, since it obviously provides its services in these countries while not being authorized. I suggest leaving them as quickly as possible. If you manage to withdraw anything, consider yourself lucky and stay away from them.

  3. I have the same experience with 275 Euro. The always want to talk to me by phone, I used a prepaid for this reason.

    Take care to invest in this.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me. The has been able to convince me to open an account with them stating that it is only $250 required to open an account and start trading, however once they received the money, they kept asking for more multiple times and I had given in, deposited more with hopes of higher returns on my investment. I have been trading with coinbull for a 6weeks and in that time I was instructed not to do my own trading, but use a broker and his instructions for execution of trades, which I did. Profits has been made and shown up on my account, but the broker kept asking me to invest even more, multiple times he requested I add 50,000 USD or he will not be able to trade with me, he has important wealthy clients to help and me with my small investment is not worth his time. Basically I got forced into closure of the account and I agreed to it. Only to being ignored from that point on…. Then I tried to withdraw the funds from my account by pushing the withdrawal button and nothing happened at all. I am not in control of funds and my phone calls and emails being completely ignored. I am sure this company is a total scam and would advise anyone to stay away from it, but something more has to be done to stop these scammers!

  5. Be very very careful…I have been trading with coinbull for a few weeks and in that time some good profit has been made…however, the I then came under pressure to inject more funds into the account…I asked why? If I am making money from the initial investment why do I need to invest more? I then decided to test the site and tried to withdraw the funds from my account. At this point I discovered that I am not in control of the funds and that a representative from coinbull has to approve my withdrawal request. This is when the problems started and I warn anyone, don’t invest with coinbull, you are not in control of the funds. I was offered back my original investment but not the money I have made since trading. It is in my opinion a scam.

  6. They could do a lot worse than steer you to I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them. Not sure of the credibility of the Bitcoin Focus group but Coinbull is a good broker in my opinion.

    1. Coinbull is a broker that is not regulated, so I would stay away. They are offering deposit bonuses, which is an illegal practice in the EU and I think in the US and other countries too. So I am pretty sure that if you ask you national regulator about Coinbull, they will recommend staying away.

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