TOTAL SCAM: CoinKDJ review

CoinDKJ's websiteRead this review to understand that CoinKDJ is a scam that can only lose your money.

CoinKDJ is supposed to be a company that is trading currencies and cryptocurrencies on Forex.

Its trading activities allegedly are producing profits that you can get a share of.

Investment plans offer up to 16% hourly for 20 hours. It means 320 % in less than a day.

CoinKDJ scam

Investment PlanIt should be basic economic knowledge that any investing program offering hundreds of percent per day must a scam, there is no other possibility. Because it is just impossible to generate this kind of profits in real world’s economy.

CoinKDJ is just a scam, an illegal financial game that is collecting money from the public for one and only reason, to enrich people who run it.

No real company

No real firmCoinKDJ displays a company registration from the United Kingdom, but the general rule is that any investment company needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority.

CoinKDJ is not licensed by the FCA, so it is an illegal investment program.


Stay away from CoinKDJ, because it is a scam that is here just to take people’s money.

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see and understand what the real possibilities and risks of trading are.

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  1. Hi I have invested with Coinkdj they are not paying me saying my BTC address is wrong when you send them the proof they don’t consider they are crooks and only one administrator Alisa who is answering one answer saying reactivate your account that means they need more of our money really it is a big SCAM Of SCAMERS

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