TOTAL SCAM: CoinKDJ review

CoinDKJ's websiteRead this review to understand that CoinKDJ is a scam that can only lose your money.

CoinKDJ is supposed to be a company that is trading currencies and cryptocurrencies on Forex.

Its trading activities allegedly are producing profits that you can get a share of.

Investment plans offer up to 16% hourly for 20 hours. It means 320 % in less than a day.

CoinKDJ scam

Investment PlanIt should be basic economic knowledge that any investing program offering hundreds of percent per day must a scam, there is no other possibility. Because it is just impossible to generate this kind of profits in real world’s economy.

CoinKDJ is just a scam, an illegal financial game that is collecting money from the public for one and only reason, to enrich people who run it.

No real company

No real firmCoinKDJ displays a company registration from the United Kingdom, but the general rule is that any investment company needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority.

CoinKDJ is not licensed by the FCA, so it is an illegal investment program.


Stay away from CoinKDJ, because it is a scam that is here just to take people’s money.

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see and understand what the real possibilities and risks of trading are.

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