TOTAL SCAM: Profits Perpetual review

This review of Profits Perpetual brings you proofs that this program is a scam. It is presented by Frederic Morton.

Morton says that he can give you access to a binary options trading software called Profits Perpetual. This software allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per day and millions of dollars per year.

And guess what, money is free, so you can get Profits Perpetual for free. Or…?

Profits Perpetual scam

The reality of course is that Profits Perpetual is a scam and Morton a scammer. This program will only lose your money, it is not free!

Frederic Morton

Morton is a professional scammer. In fact it is not his real name. But we know that he is a scam artist.

Look at the picture and you will see that a few days ago he played the role of a happy user of the Rubix Project scam software and today he is the creator of a new app called Profits Perpetual…

Fake testimonials

The Profits Perpetual webpage is full of fake testimonials. All the people you see on their websites are either paid actors or innocent people whose photos were stolen from other websites.

Take a look at the example on the right, you will see the real name of this woman and that she has nothing in common with this trading program.

Scam software

We also tested the Profits Perpetual software to see what it is about. What we found is a well-known scam software.

The same app is used by many binary options scams, like Intertrader, Hexa Trader or Binary Options Millionaire, see the picture with the proof.

We have a lot of feedback from real users about this software and they all say it is losing money!

The truth

Do you want to know how Profits Perpetual really works? After registering you will be forced to deposit money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. It is because these scammers are affiliated with this broker and they are getting paid by this same broker for referring new depositors.

That’s how scammers make money, they use lies to make you join their broker so that they earn their affiliate commission. And because they get paid for referring, they don’t care that their software is losing money. They will get paid before you realize you have been scammed.


Profits Perpetual is a disgusting scam that will take your money and lose it in trading with a crappy software. So stay away from it!

To make real money with binary options you have to learn to trade profitably first. You can do that on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Free money making robots are all scams.

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