TOUGH SCAM: FundSuperior review

Fund Superior review

This FundSuperior review provides you with details about this investment scam.

Fund Superior claims to be an investment company that deals with cryptocurrencies. Allegedly experienced traders are making money in trading and allow the general public to invest with them.

Currently there are nine investment plans that anybody can sign up for with returns from 150% in a day to 3000% after 20 days. Can you believe them?

Fund Superior scam

Scam investment plansWell, no, you cannot believe FD Superior and this investment scheme. We always like to start our reviews with basics, so let us explain why FundSuperior is a total scam.

You don’t have to study all the investment plans, let’s have a look at the simplest one. 150% per day. It doesn’t mater whether it is 150% or 50% per day, because both these numbers are absolutely unreal.

Nobody and no trading system can make thousands of percent per month, this is just a fact that you have to accept, it will help you to avoid many scams. That being said, Fund Superior has to be a scam, because it promises things that are not possible.

Illegal investment scheme

Not authorizedFD Superior proudly shows a company registration certificate from the UK. While a company with this name really is registered, it is only a tax registration, not an authorization to conduct business.

Every investment company doing business in the UK needs a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. And as you can see on our picture, Fund Superior is not authorized by the FCA, therefore it is an illegal business.

How it works

What is the true way of doing things of FundSuperior? It is a Ponzi scheme. It means that people deposit money in the system and the operators will take this money and use it to pay out some profits. You surely can see the major flaw of such a scheme, since no real profits are generated, the system can run only as long as more money is deposited than withdrawn.

In reality all Ponzi scheme die sooner or later, because they are unsustainable. And the same thing will happen to Fund Superior, it will collapse, and money will disappear.


Fund Superior is an investment scam, an illegal financial game. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legitimate investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn.

You have to learn trading and understand the risks before investing real money.

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