TOXIC SCAM: Elite Entrepreneur Club review

Elite Entrepreneur Club official websiteThis review contains proofs that Elite Entrepreneur Club is an investment scam that you have to stay away from.

Elite Entrepreneur Club supposedly can provide you with an automated trading software that will trade various assets for you. This software can allegedly make you thousands of dollars per month and it is free.

So, can you really make money for free with Elite Entrepreneur Club?

Elite Entrepreneur Club scam

The truth is that Elite Entrepreneur Club is just one of many investment scams that are made to take your money and lose it.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are not trueHere we provide proofs that Elite Entrepreneur Club is a scam. Let’s start with testimonials.

They all are fake, they were made with paid actors.

MediaLook at our picture to see a proof, this woman is selling fake testimonials for five dollars on Fiver, anybody can hire her.

Also, Elite Entrepreneur Club has never been mentioned in media like BBC, CNBC or Fox News. You can check their websites and see for yourself.

How it really works

Here we explain how Elite Entrepreneur Club will scam money out of your pocket. When you register for this so called free system, you will be immediately required to deposit money with a selected and unregulated broker.

You won’t be allowed to use the trading software until you deposit money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. The reason is that scammers who run Elite Entrepreneur Club are getting paid by that broker for referring new depositing clients. That’s how it really works.

If you deposit money and let the software trade with it, you will lose it, and nobody will be able to help you to get it back.


Elite Entrepreneur Club is an investment scam that wants to take your money and lose it in trading with a worthless app. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies or other assets, try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker to see how it works and what it takes to achieve profits.

If you then decide to trade with real money, use only money that you can afford to lose.

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