Trade Invest 90, new boiler and recovery rooms on the FSMA blacklist

The Belgian financial regulator has published a new list of dangerous entities in the investment sector.

The first warning is about a broker called Trade Invest 90. It is a binary options and CFD broker that is not regulated. Moreover Trade Invest 90 uses unfair marketing tools in the shape of fake articles with logos of established media.

The FSMA has also warned about the following recovery rooms that promise scam victims to recover their money, but only take upfront fees and do nothing:

  • Atlantic Capital Management
  • Dynamic Target Marketing
  • MWI Consultants
  • Premier Capital Group
  • Sky Way CPA

And finally the FSMA has also warned about the following boiler rooms that promise investment returns, but don’t do anything:

  • Akanagi Group
  • Ashton Whiteley
  • ATB Holdings
  • Fairway Capital Investments
  • Nagaharu Group
  • Onex Busan Financial
  • Pacific Chiba Trust

2 thoughts on “Trade Invest 90, new boiler and recovery rooms on the FSMA blacklist

  1. Hi.
    I have now been asked to do the third investment to Akanagi group related to one investment in a company called “Sunwindows technologys with the adress:

    Shanghai World Financial Center,

    100 Century Avenue,

    200120, Shanghai,

    People`s Republic of China.

    How can i find out wheter this is a scam or not. From Akanagi group they promise me almost 200% return on this investment if i only put 15000 usd on top of the already 35000 usd i have already invested.

    How to find out? I couldnt find Akanagi group on the list of companys on their given adress either by the way.
    Thanks for your swift response due to the fact that they want the last money by tomorrow.


    Kjell Hornslien
    tlph +4799386534

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