Tradetector is a scam – review

tradetectorIn this review we explain why is Tradetector a scam that you should avoid.

The concept of Tradetector is very simple, you are supposed to pay $49 per month for trading signals for binary options. These signals allegedly can make you earn up to 70 % per day, whatever it means.

And you also can make money by reselling Tradetector to others to increase your income.

Tradetector is a scam

testimonialIt is clear that by selling something, you can make money. Even if it is a scam. So this part of Tradetector is not the subject of this review.

We focused on the trading part, because the signals are supposed to have a 70 % accuracy. That would of course mean big profits in the long run.

But the question is why would anybody sell their profitable signals instead of just trading them and making millions? The answer cannot be that you can do both. Because if a profitably trading system becomes public and traded by a large number of people, it will sooner or later stop to be profitable. This is how financial markets work.

termsThe answer is simple, Tradetector is in fact a scam. And it is easy to prove. Look at the picture, they use fake testimonials with paid actors. So you cannot trust anything they say.

You should also read the Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of the TraDetector page. It basically says that there are no promises or guarantees that you will make any money with this program.


Tradetector uses fake testimonials, therefore it is a scam. We have every reason to believe that this trading signals service is not profitable.

As Tradetector offers a money back guarantee, you can try it. But if you do it, do it only a free demo account with a regulated broker so that you don’t lose any money with these signals!

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