TRADITIONAL SCAM – Make Money Robot review

Make Money Robot websiteThis Make Money Robot review contains proofs of scam. This system is presented by Michael Williamson.

Williamson claims that Make Money Robot is an automated trading system for binary options that will give you financial freedom.

As usually you don’t have anything to learn or pay, you can get Make Money Robot for free and get rich on autopilot. Or…?

Make Money Robot scam

Make Money Robot appThis is the typical binary options scam scheme. Some binary options affiliates are using a piece of crappy software to lure people to binary options trading.

These scammers are getting paid for referring new depositors to unregulated brokers. So they made up a story about a profitable software to convince you to deposit money with one of their brokers. If you do it, they will earn an affiliate commission on you.

And if you then trade your account with Make Money Robot, you will lose your money. End of scam.

This is why you won’t be allowed to use the bot before you deposit. Because if they let you try it for free, you would immediately see that it does not work, that it generates losing signals.

Michael Williamson

Magalhaes VegaIt is obvious that Michael Williamson does not exist.

This Make Money Robot scam exists also in Spanish and Portuguese version where you can see the names of Luis Paulo Magalhaes and Felipe Vega.

This proves that it is an international scam, they are using the same story and just replace the main depending on the language.


testimonials are fakeOn the Make Money Robot you can see testimonials with people endorsing the system. But they are not real users, they are paid actors.

Check the picture on the right, this guy is a Fiverr actor that has supported many binary options scams.


The conclusion of this Make Money Robot review is clear, it is a binary options scam made to lose you money.

Don’t get it wrong, you can make money with binary options, but first you have to learn how to trade and build a profitable strategy on a demo account.

Free money making systems don’t exist, not even on binary options.

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