TRAGIC SCAM: Bitcoin Gemini review

Our review focuses on the Bitcoin Gemini trading program that promises you thousands of dollars per month.

Bitcoin Gemini real reviewBitcoin Gemini supposedly is the name of a group of traders who have a very profitable trading app. This trading app supposedly wins more than 99% of all trades. It trades the cryptocurrency bitcoin and it allegedly will make you more than $1100 per day.

An app that can make you $30,000 per month must cost hundreds of thousands, right? Well, they say that you can get it for free. Isn’t it a big red flag?

Bitcoin Gemini is a scam

Test resultsOf course that money is not free, no free software will make you thousands of dollars in trading. Bitcoin Gemini is just a scam, unfortunately.

First of all, no trading system can win 99% of trades, it is just impossible. Secondly, no profitable trading software is free, because it would make no sense at all.

And since we are reviewing trading systems regularly, we immediately recognized an infamous scam that is spreading like a virus for years. You can see on our picture that it uses different names like Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Trader.

Fake Bitcoin Gemini testimonials

They faked the testimonialsThe website of Bitcoin Gemini features success stories of people who allegedly are using the system to make money. But all these testimonials are fake.

We prove it with our picture where you can see that the reviews feature stock photos that don’t represent real users of the trading system.

How it really works

Bitcoin Gemini is a free program, so what is in it for scammers, how they get your money? You see, they won’t let you use their platform unless you deposit at least 250 USD with a broker they will choose for you.

And this is how they get your money, they will make you deposit with a fraudulent broker that will just steal your money. They will continue pushing you to deposit more and more while promising and showing fake profits and then they will stop communicating when they see they cannot get anything more from you.


Bitcoin Gemini is a scam that is focused on getting your money through a shady and unlicensed broker, stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, first try a free demo with a regulated broker and see with virtual money how everything works.

Only when you get comfortable in trading with your strategy and when you understand the risks you can start investing real money.

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