TRANSPARENT SCAM: Binary Robot 365 review

This review of Binary Robot 365 is a warning, don’t trade binary options with this scam!

Binary Robot 365 allegedly is the best robot of 2016 with guaranteed performance. The robot trades binary options with an alleged 90% win rate. And you can even choose your own strategy.

But the miracles are not over, because you can get Binary Robot 365 for free.

Binary Robot 365 is a scam

The reality of course is that Binary Robot 365 is a scam. It won’t make you any money, because it is based on a losing software.

This same white label software is used by many binary options scam robots, look at the picture to see a few examples, like Pip365, Option Robot and Optibin Robot. Scammers buy it over and over again and release it under new names.

We tested this software several times in the past and we know that it is a losing software. This software has a demo feature, which is disabled in Binary Robot 365 for now, and it fakes trading results.

This is the trickiest aspect of this robot, when they let you use their demo, it will show profits, but they will be fake. In real trading with real money results are completely different.

People are often fooled by this robot’s demo and let it trade with their money, but then they lose it.

The truth

The real purpose of Binary Robot 365 is to make you open an account through the software with one of the brokers from their list. The reason is that people who are behind this robot are affiliated with these brokers. They get paid by the brokers for referring new depositing clients.

So their only aim is to make you deposit with one of their brokers, this is how they earn their commissions. And they don’t care that their robot will then lose your deposit.


Binary Robot 365 is a robot based on a scam software that is losing money in real trading. It also can have a demo feature enabled, but it fakes demo results, so stay away from it!

You should always verify any robot/strategy/signals service on a genuine demo account with a regulated broker. But trust us, all free binary options systems are scams.

So if you want to make money in trading, the only reliable way is to learn to trade on the demo and trade by yourself.

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  1. May I know which binary robot or binary is not a scam? Do you own a binary account with someone or do yo have your own? Thank you.

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