TRANSPARENT SCAM: Royal Investment review

Royal Investment official webCheck this review to see why Royal Investment is a scam that can only lose your money.

Royal Investment Ltd supposedly is a company specialized in investments into stocks, Forex and binary options.

Its performance is allegedly so good that it can offer eight different investment plans with returns up to 220% in nine days.

Can you really make money with this investment program?

Royal Investment scam

Scam plansRoyal Investment is such an obvious scam that nobody should fall into the trap. But to be sure we are writing this review.

First of all, you should know that doubling your money in nine days is impossible in any sustainable business. Only scams can offer such a plan.

Royal Investment is in fact a Ponzi scheme that will take your money and might pay some profits at the beginning, if there is enough new deposits from new members to cover that. This scheme is an illegal pyramidal game that is going to collapse very quickly.

Non-existent company

Non-existent companyRoyal Investment Limited claims to be registered in the United Kingdom, but it is not true.

Check our picture to see that there is no company with this number registered in Great Britain.

This is another proof that Royal Investment is a scam.


Royal Investment is an investment scam that will lose a lot of money to a lot of people. Avoid it!

If you really are into investing, try it on your own, you can start with a free demo with a regulated broker to learn the basics.

You then need to build a profitable strategy before investing real money.

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  1. We have invested a large sum of money to Mr. Dr. Frank Rottmann. Do you know him? We are waiting with our clients for having back the money since one year. He always tells us he is working on it. Can you give us more informations about him? Thank you. Kind regards G. Sahm

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