TREACHEROUS SCAM: Terabit Trader review

websiteThis review of Terabit Trader proves that it is a binary options scam that can only lose your money. It is presented by Richard Heffner.

Heffner says that Terabit Trader is a unique binary options trading software based on Optical Data Transmission. It allegedly is faster than trading programs on Wall Street, so it has no losing trades and can make you $850 per hour or $20,000 per day.

And because money making programs are usually free, you can get Terabit Trader for free.

Terabit Trader scam

Let’s put it straight, Terabit Trader is a scam. Think of it, Wall Street is investing millions of dollars into trading technology and now there is a free app called Terabit Trader that is faster? We are laughing out loud.

Moreover optical data transmission technology is nothing new, it is now widely used even by small Internet providers. But let’s have a look at some more tangible proofs.

Richard Heffner

scammerHeffner is a well-known scammer, he has already presented scams like GPS Trader and Safeguard Trader. Every time he was saying that it is a unique trading software that will make you a millionaire.

And now he is saying it again, Terabit Trader is allegedly the only 100% legit binary options software on the planet. So how about the previous two that he was giving away for free? And why he called himself David Hefner when presenting Safequard Trader?

Because he is a scammer presenting scams. His real name remains hidden, check the picture.


pressOn the Terabit Trader website you can see some testimonials and reviews. This program has been allegedly reviewed and endorsed by CNN.

But it is a big lie, CNN never mentioned Terabit Trader, check the picture and/or the link to see the proof.

Terabit Trader software

softwareWe have checked the Terabit Trading app and it confirmed our opinion.  Forget lies about RCT algorithm that uses hedging, because hedging on binary options is a nonsense, it will make you lose money. Heffner is just trying to impress you with some BS.

The only purpose of the Terabit Trader is to make you open a trading account with an unregulated broker and deposit money. It is because Heffner and his colleagues are affiliated with this broker and will get paid an affiliate commission for every new depositor they refer.

This is why they are giving away seemingly for free their losing software, they just need you to deposit with their broker. This is also why they won’t let you try Terabit Trader before you deposit. They need you to discover that their software is losing only after you start trading with your own money. This is how this scam works.


Terabit Trader is a simple scam that abuses binary options. In fact it has nothing to do with real trading, it is just about affiliate commission from brokers to scammers. The trading software is losing money.

Forget about free binary options auto traders, they are all scams! The only way to start making money with binary options leads through testing and learning on a free demo account.

It is only after you are able to trade profitably on the demo that you can start making real money in live trading.

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