TRENDY SCAM – Brexit Money Machines review

Brexit Money Machines websiteThis is the review of the Brexit Money Machines scam of Arnold Palmer.

Palmer says that the British vote for exiting the European Union – Brexit – has created thousands of trading opportunities that you can take advantage of.

His trading software Brexit Money Machines does it automatically thanks to the Phoenix artificial intelligence.

Palmer claims that Phoenix gives Brexit Money Machines a 98.4% win rate which in turn means that it can earn you $5,000 per day. And now you can get his app for free, but the offer is allegedly time limited.

Brexit Money Machines scam

So what is Brexit Money Machines really about? About trading binary options. Yes, Brexit has cause higher volatility in the markets, but it does not mean that it is the only opportunity to trade them. This is just a scam that abuses a widely known event.


Fake testimonialsAfter signing up for Brexit Money Machines you will be shown some testimonials. But were all faked.

Look at the picture, they used stock and stolen photos together with some fake stories.

These users and their stories are not real.

The software

Brexit Money Machines appOK, so what is this Brexit Money Machines app based on the mysterious Phoenix algorithm? A recycled piece of useless software made and used by binary options scammers only.

Check the picture on the right, this same app has been used by many other scams, for example Numberion or the Quantum Code.

This app doesn’t have any edge in the markets, it loses money in the long term, we have a lot of feedback about it from real users.

The truth

So why do scammers bother do create these programs? Because they are affiliated with some brokers and are getting paid for referring new depositing traders.

This is why they made up their fairy tale about an automated profitable software, they need you to deposit with their broker. If you do it and let Brexit Money Machines trade your account, you will lose your money.


Let’s conclude this Brexit Money Machines review by saying that it is a scam that can lose your money, so don’t sign up for it.

On the other hand binary options remain one of the simplest investment tools that you can use to make money, but you should always start on a demo account to learn what is needed and prepare your trading strategy.

Free money making machines don’t exist, not even on binary options.

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