TRIVIAL SCAM: ICO Unlimited review

ICO Unlimited websiteThis review of ICO Unlimited exposes the true nature of this investment scam scheme that is designed to fail.

ICO Unlimited is a company that allegedly invests money into Initial Coin Offerins (ICOs). Thank to this it allegedly can earn you up to 15% per day on your investment.

15% daily means 450% monthly and 5475% per year. Are these numbers really possible?

ICO Unlimited scam

The reality is that ICO Unlimited is just another Ponzi scam hiding behind cryptocurrencies. It is designed to fail.

Illegal business

Yes, there is a company ICOUN Limited behind this program, bud it has been created only in September 2017, so there is no history and there won’t be, because it will collapse before first statements are due.

The important thing here is that ICO Unlimited provides investments services, which is a regulated activity not only in the UK, but in most countries. Therefore, ICO Unlimited needs a license from the Financial Conduct Authority, but it hasn’t got one.

This means that ICO Unlimited is operating illegally.

Totally unreal numbers

Investment plans are BSWe have reviewed hundreds of investment scams and one of the common traits are returns too good to be real.

15% daily or 450% are numbers totally impossible with any real and legit business. Period. That’s how it is. You can ask your national financial regulator about it and you will receive a confirmation.

Yes, cryptocurrencies are the hot thing right now, yes some of them gain in value rapidly, but the majority of cryptocurrencies fails and it is hard to pick those who will not. The majority of ICOs is not successful, meaning that when the cryptocurrency hits exchanges, it trades lower than the ICO price.

So, no, 15% daily is not possible even with cryptocurrencies. And no business in the world can promise you constant daily returns, this is simply not possible due to changing markets volatility.

Should an ICO investment business be legit and legal, it cannot promise constant returns, it has to be licensed and regulated and it has to provide proofs, like addresses of the digital wallets, so that you can check the investments going on.

The great thing about blockchain technology is that ledgers are public, so anybody can see and check any transaction.

How it really works

ICO Unlimited is simply a Ponzi scheme. This means that there is no real business activity going on, they just accept deposits and pay out profits from new deposits. As you can guess, this kind of scam scheme is doomed to fail, because there always come the day when there is not enough new deposits to pay to profits.

It is a pyramidal financial game that is illegal. And don’t let them fool you by showing some payments. All Ponzis start by paying, they need to attract more investors. But once there is not enough new deposits, or simply when owners decide to run away with all the money, the scheme collapses. It can happen any time. This is why you have to stay away of these scams.


ICO Unlimited is a scam, there is no investing going on, it’s a Ponzi scheme that will fail sooner or later. Stay away from it.

If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you can try it risk free. Start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

This way you can try and see if it is something you could succeed in. But remember that investing is risky, you can make, but also lose money. You need to build a profitable strategy.

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  1. Their site is completely gone now. Got me and also their what I think other site Aurora Mine also as well. But I am digging deep into these guys and see about what legal course of action can be done. Promises to pay lifetime contracts, but scams by wiping the website? Oh I will find you guys and you will give me a lifetime of BTC and all the other people you screwed out of finances.

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