TSI System scam review

TSI SystemIn this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “TSI System”. It is presented by Michael Jefferson.

Jefferson claims that through the TSI system you will get access to non-public information of brokers who know exactly where to invest and when.

So you will be able to make thousands of dollars every day thanks to this information. That’s it, the presentation of the TSI System is very short.

TSI System is a scam

Michael Jefferson

No matter what Jefferson says we know that the TSI System is a scam. How is that possible? Because Jefferson is a not a real person, it is a paid actor and his real name is different.

We’ve seen this same guy acting in several scams, for example in the Golden Binary Profits scam under the name Jack Johnson.

So you see, it is in fact a scammer lying about his identity, so TSI System must be a scam.

Moreover it seems that scammers no longer bother to create at least a crappy app that looks like it can trade binary options, although not profitably.

softwareThis time Jefferson sends you directly to a sign up page of the Sigma Option broker, you see no app. Maybe there is one, but you are not shown it.

The first thing you have to do is to open an account with Sigma Option and deposit at least $250. Guess why? Because this is what these scammers are paid for, they need to bring new depositors to this broker.

So what happens next with your money does not matter to them. Whatever they provide you with later under the name of TSI System will lose your money, this is how scams work.


The TSI System is an obvious scam on binary options, so stay away from it.

If you want to try binary options trading risk free to see how you can make money in it, do it on a demo account. There you can learn and try and build a profitable strategy. Or decide not to trade with real money, it will be your choice.

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