TURDY SCAM: GT Accelerator review with proofs

GT Accelerator official webThis review proves that GT Accelerator is a total scam meant to steal your money. It is presented by Grant Thomas.

Grant claims to be a software developer who developed an automated software that trades financial markets with a 95% success rate because it uses artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this success rate it can allegedly earn you $4,700 per day. And you can get GT Accelerator for free. Does it sound to good to be true? Well, it is…

GT Accelerator scam

In reality GT Accelerator is a trading scam that is designed to take your money and lose it. The software is not free.

Grant Thomas scammer

Grant Thomas is a scammerGrant Thomas is a fictitious person. Scammers who run this program made up this character just to make a story.

But Thomas does not exist. Check our picture to see that his photos come from a public and free database of stock photos.

Fake reviews

Testimonials are not realIn the GT Accelerator video you will see some people endorsing the system. They claim they have been earning money with it. But they all are liars.

These people are not real users of the system, they are paid actors. See the proof on our picture, anybody can buy a fake testimonial from this man.

Losing software

Scam softwareThe miraculous trading software promised by Thomas is in fact a generic scam solution used by dozens of other trading scams.

Look at our picture to see that for example Option Robot, Crypto Robot 365 and Crypto Robot Software are based on the same trading app.

We have seen this app many times in action and we get a lot of feedback about it from real users, so we know that in real trading it is losing money.

How it really works

The true purpose of GT Accelerator is to make you deposit money with a selected and unregulated broker, in our case it was StoxMarket.

You won’t get access to any software until you deposit money with a certain broker. The reason is that scammers who run GT Accelerator are getting paid by that broker for referring new depositing clients.

If you deposit and let the robot trade with your money, you will lose it. This is how these scams always end.


GT Accelerator is a scam designed to lose your money with a crappy software and an unlicensed broker. Stay away from it.

If you want to make money in trading, start learning on a free demo with a regulated broker. You will see risk free, if you can manage to build a profitable strategy.

Free robots promising big earnings are scams, don’t trust them.

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